Your Ophthalmology Center in Yverdon

Discover Centre Nord Vaudois d’Ophtalmologie and its team of ophthalmologist specialists at the service of patients.

Our entire team will be happy to welcome you in a warm and welcoming environment in Yverdon, offering you the most advanced techniques (Eye test, Eye control, Macular degeneration, Glaucoma screening, Cataract operation, Myopia operation, Laser therapy, etc.).

Our center welcomes you by appointment from Monday to Friday.

Dr Michael Martin

Dr Michael Martin and his team are pleased to welcome you to the premises of the Centre Nord Vaudois Ophtalmologie (CNVO).

We are available by appointment or on an emergency basis for medical consultations and ophthalmic surgery.

Dr Michael Martin
Modern centre in Yverdon

Ophthalmic Centre

The CNVO in Yverdon is a modern and versatile medical centre dedicated to ophthalmology.

As specialists experienced in the treatment of eye diseases, we examine the needs of your optical correction (glasses, lenses), take care of all your medical (age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes...) and surgical (cataract, retina, eyelid and lacrimal surgery, refractive surgery, laser...) pathologies.

State-of-the-art equipment and diagnostics

The North Vaud Ophthalmology Centre has state-of-the-art equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Conventional angiography
  • Angio-OCT without injection
  • Argon, Yag, SLT laser
  • Automated visual field
  • Ocular ultrasound
  • Room dedicated to intravitreal injections for the treatment of AMD and diabetes

In this way, your vision will be accurately assessed and the most suitable treatment for your specific situation can be offered.

State of the art infrastructure
Cataract surgery

Operating theatre dedicated to ophthalmology

The centre is equipped with an operating theatre entirely dedicated to outpatient ophthalmic surgery, such as: cataract surgery, intraocular injections for the treatment of AMD, reconstructive and aesthetic eyelid surgery, retinal surgery, corneal surgery, glaucoma surgery.

Treatments for everyone

The CNVO has all the necessary equipment to medically evaluate the vision of adults and children, in order to detect and treat any ocular pathology. Depending on this assessment, an optical correction may be prescribed (glasses, contact lenses, other...) or a more in-depth assessment may be considered.

A fundus examination, requiring dilation of your pupil with eye drops, for a retinal examination, may be necessary. Warning: it is recommended to wear sunglasses after this examination as your eyes will be temporarily dazzled by the light. Driving is also forbidden for the next 4 hours.


Appointment at the CNVO eye clinic in Yverdon

Dr. Michael Martin and his team are pleased to welcome you to the brand new Ophthalmology Centre

Based on 27 reviews
Magali Johansen
Magali Johansen
Easy access, friendly staff
reinegger linda
reinegger linda
I am completely satisfied to have discovered this ophthalmology center, ALL the staff is top notch, from the reception to the various pre- and post-operative follow-ups, with various advice and suggestions. Thank you to this ensemble for existing in Yverdon-les-Bains. L. Reinegger.
Céline Leuba
Céline Leuba
Excellent welcome, very friendly staff, no delays, Dre Calci very competent and also very friendly.
Stéphanie Kauer
Stéphanie Kauer
Laser surgery for myopia After hesitating for a long time between several ophthalmological centers, I finally decided to put my trust in Dr Martin and his team... And I don't regret my choice at all! All the staff were attentive, caring, encouraging and reassuring, which was very important for me as I'm a rather anxious person. The operation went very well: quick and painless. The regular post-operative check-ups and the possibility of calling if necessary enabled me to make the best of my convalescence. Today, after almost 6 months of surgery, my eyesight is incredible! The operation was a real rebirth for me! No more contacts or glasses! If you're hesitating, don't hesitate any longer! Might as well make the most of this operation as long as possible!!!!
Vanessa Galand
Vanessa Galand
Very good center and Mr Martin is adorable as anything. I find them very professional and attentive. I recommend this center
Lauryn Donnet
Lauryn Donnet
Dr Martin is superbly competent and full of humor, which makes the medical visit super fun as well as being useful.
jean-luc Rime
jean-luc Rime
Very welcoming place, very friendly and professional staff. Accessible for people with reduced mobility. Close to public transport.