After hesitating for a long time between several ophthalmological centers, I finally decided to put my trust in Dr Martin and his team... And I don't regret my choice at all! All the staff were attentive, caring, encouraging and reassuring, which was very important for me as I'm rather anxious by nature. The operation went very well: quick and painless. The regular post-operative check-ups and the possibility of calling if necessary enabled me to make the most of my convalescence. Today, after almost 6 months of surgery, my eyesight is incredible! The operation was a real rebirth for me! No more contacts or glasses!

If you're not sure, don't hesitate! You might as well take advantage of this operation as long as possible!

Laser surgery for myopia, Stéphanie Kauer

Appointment at the CNVO eye clinic in Yverdon

Dr. Michael Martin and his team are pleased to welcome you to the brand new Ophthalmology Centre