Pre-operative check-up

During your optometric and ophthalmological assessment, your specialist will choose the technique best suited to the nature and intensity of your visual defect. In addition, the choice of operation must take into account the thickness and curvature of your cornea, as well as your age and ophthalmological history.

The operation

The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic using an anaesthetic eye drop. You are placed on a surgical bed to ensure perfect positioning. A small retractor holds your eyelids open, painlessly, during the treatment. Simply hold a small light in front of you.

Presbyopia surgery

Laser treatment lasts just a few dozen seconds. By removing a few microns from the surface of the cornea, the laser reshapes it and corrects your visual defect.

At the end of the treatment, a "bandage" lens is placed over each eye.

The procedure is painless and takes around 20 minutes in total.

Between preparation and the final check-up before returning home, you spend around 1h30 in our center.

Once the procedure is over, you can already see an improvement in your visual quality.

You must then be accompanied home by a relative.

Post-operative care

Anti-inflammatory and antibiotic eye drops are prescribed to prevent infection. You may be asked to take painkillers to improve your comfort in the first few days.

Scheduled appointments will ensure that your procedure is a complete success. It is advisable to take 5 days off work after the operation and not to drive for a week.

Appointment at the CNVO eye clinic in Yverdon

Dr. Michael Martin and his team are pleased to welcome you to the brand new Ophthalmology Centre